The Art & Tea Gallery is an online art gallery paired with a specialty loose tea shop.

Our Mission

The Art & Tea Gallery’s mission is to bring you a highly select group of fine artists and fine loose tea. “ATG” is unique in many ways. We educate you on the ancient and contemporary, universal benefits of art and tea in your life. The artwork showcased on our site is carefully reviewed and accepted. We are artists with a love for tea. 

Art and tea nourishes mind, body and soul. 

More about our unique gallery 

The Art & Tea Gallery stands a part from other online art sites. We are not an “upload all art” site or portfolio site. All artwork goes through a submission process to be reviewed. ATG will hold online art exhibits and more. We aim to be a professional, classy and contemporary gallery paired with fine loose tea. We want artists and art and tea lovers to be proud to work and shop with us. We will continue to add new ways to promote our artists and tea through online and offline media. 

About the Gallery Tea

We are an online premium loose tea featured as part of The Art and Tea Gallery. Twisted Leaf sells a variety of tea and tisanes from around the globe, including Japan and China. We carry special tea accessories, tea ware and other tea services. TL was built out of a love for tea and the health benefits it can offer. We focus on the mind, body and soul when choosing the best tea and tisanes for wellness. We taste every tea and "herbal tea" to find the best of the best! Many of our teas and herbals are organic and fair trade! 

To offer the freshest quality teas and herbals, we carry a limited amount of all products.

Liz Lima Friel
Founding Owner & Artist

Dennis Friel
Partner & Artist


Based in the greater area of Fort Lauderdale , FL.

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Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and Tea Shop
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